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We stock virtually every part for your CT Scaner, but our specialty is repairing and reselling the most mission critical parts including High Voltage Tanks, Operating Computers, Reconstruction Computers, Heat Exchangers and Console Parts. We also provide access to new and used glassware.

What makes our parts different?


Our team has decades of experience troubleshooting a wide variety of CT machines from multiple OEMs like GE Philips and Siemens. This experience is utilized in our parts repair process to ensure that each and every part meets all OEM specifications. To ensure this, all of our tested parts are installed in one of our many QA bays prior to shipping. The QA bay is then operated at full capacity so we know the part works and works well. Compare this process to bench testing or testing in the field and you will understand why our rate of product returns is so low. These CT bays are also used by our tech support team when you call in for assistance. This allows us to recreate any potential issue you may be having in order to better locate the cause of the problem.


Our CT QA bays currently include Optima 660, LightSpeed 7x VCT 64, LightSpeed 5x 16 hp60, Lightspeed 5x Pro 100, LightSpeed 4x 16, Lightspeed Ultra 4, Lightspeed 2x Plus, Lightspeed 3x Ultra 4, Lightspeed 1x QX/I, Emotion 16, Sensation 64.

CAT Scan Models We Support with a Variety of Parts:

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