Portable x-ray and c-arm parts

Portable X-Ray and C-Arm Parts

We stock a variety of quality, tested parts for multiple OEMs.

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Looking for Portable X-Ray and OEC C-Arm parts? AllParts Medical has the quality, affordable replacement parts that you need to keep your C-Arm or Portable X-Ray up and running.

Our Portable X-Ray and C-Arm Specialties include:  

  • GE AMX IV+
  • GE 6800
  • OEC Uroview 2800
  • OEC 9900 Elite
  • OEC 9800 Plus
  • OEC 9600
  • Many more

Portable X-Ray and C-Arm QA Bays:


Our fleet of QA bays are one of the keys to our success. We have more than 100+ fully operational imaging systems installed in our Nashville facility. These QA Bays allow our team to test parts and troubleshoot issues - helping ensure your equiment is up and running as quickly as possible. In addition, we leverage these QA bays in our training classes, so all our students have hand-on experience with actual equipment. Our Portable X-Ray and C-Arm QA bays currently include:


  •  Brivo 850
  • 9900 Elite
  • 9800 Plus
  • 9800
  • 9600
  • AMX IV+
  • 6600 Miniview
  • 6800 Miniview
  • 8800 Flexview
  • Arcadis Avantic
  • Mobilett Plus HP
  • Mobilett XP Hybrid
  • Siremobil ISO-C
  • Ziehm Vision R
  • Hologic Insight 2
  • Fluroscan Insight
  • Shimadzu MobileArt
  • Optima XR220
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