X-ray cardiovascular

X-Ray Cardiovascular, Radiography and Flouroscopy Parts

We stock a variety of quality, tested parts for multiple Radiology Modalities and OEMs.

Use our Search page to find the fixed X-Ray, Cardiovascular, Radiography and Flouroscopy Parts part you need.


All our Tested parts are installed in one of our many QA bays. This allows us to ensure that each and every tested part meets all OEM specifications before it leaves our warehouse. Our General Rad, Cardiovascular, radioscopy and Flouroscopy QA bays currently include:


  • Proteus
  • SCPU
  • Innova 2000
  • Innova 4100
  • Revolution XR/d
  • Legacy
  • Precision 500D
  • Precision 500D Magic
  • Axiom Artis dFC
  • Sireskop SD

General rad, Xray, Cardio, Cath/Angio Models We Support with a Variety of Parts:

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